We heard you. 

And we are making tonight better! 


What a huge opening night of Festival of Life! We understand that there were a lot of GREAT things, and a lot of areas that needed to be fixed for the rest of the week so YOU have a better experience! You gave us feedback and we are working hard to ensure tonight runs as smooth as possible. 

Registration/Check-in lines were very full, and the wait time to get your giveaway tickets was unacceptably long. We understand, we agree with you, and most of all we apologize.

We had an enormous crowd- which was AWESOME! But it also was a learning experience for us, and we know changes needed to made for the rest of the week! We heard your feedback, and we have taken steps to ensure tonight's lines are MUCH faster! 

We will be opening registration and check in lines at 3:30pm. That's two hours earlier than last night. We have made significant changes to our check in- you will just get your giveaway tickets and that's it! We also have more staff helping, so all the LINES WILL BE SO MUCH FASTER!! 

We were unable to do a round of giveaways at the end of last night as we said. We apologize. This was ONLY because the city told us last minute that we needed to shut down early, so we had no choice. It was not our decision. We agree that it was unfair to tell you that there would be more giveaways and then there were not. 

So tonight the giveaways and contests will start at 5pm, and there will be more prizes to win! 


All you have to do to win the cruise and all the other prizes that we give away is come to the park, and get your giveaway ticket. We will draw a ticket raffle style for the winner. You must be present when your ticket number is called to win. 

We understand not everyone will be able to get to the park at 3:30, our hope is that it will shorten the line for those who come directly from work so they can quickly get their giveaway ticket and participate. 

We will see you tonight!