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Festival of Life Hosted by Revival Today

How much does it cost? 

Festival of Life is 100% FREE. There is no cost to you. 

Where is it? 

Festival of Life will be in Lincoln Park in Newark, NJ August 19th-24th at 6pm nightly. 

Why do I have to register? 

This is how we organize our FREE giveaways and prizes. If you would like to be eligible to win any of the prizes given out throughout the night, you will need to register. You are welcome to come without registering, but you will not be entered in the giveaways unless you register. 

How do I register? 

Registration and check in begins at 6pm each night of the Festival. You can save time waiting in the registration line and get your FREE TICKETS ONLINE HERE

Do I need to bring registration proof or a printed ticket with me to get in?

No you do not need to print any ticket or show proof that you registered online ahead of time. We will check you into the Festival by name. 

Do I need to register my kids? 

We have special giveaways every night just for the kids so if you have children ages 4 and older, be sure to register them as well. It's only to give them a special giveaway raffle ticket each night. 

How do I win the giveaways? 

When you register and check in each night, you will be given a giveaway raffle ticket that has a number. All throughout the night we will be drawing tickets and calling numbers to win. We giveaway prizes like iPads, TV's, Laptops, Bill Pays, Cash Prizes, Gift Cards, and more! Every night you will receive a new giveaway ticket- so you have a chance to win something every single night of the Festival! YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. IF YOUR TICKET NUMBER IS CALLED AND YOU DO NOT COME FORWARD TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE, WE DRAW ANOTHER TICKET. 

What time is the Festival? 

Registration and Check in begins at 6pm each night. The Festival usually ends between 9-10pm each night. 

How do I get free groceries?  

All you need to do to receive a box of FREE groceries is come to the Festival! We will be giving away 1000 FREE grocery boxes!!

How do I get a free backpack for my kids? 

We will be giving away 500 FREE backpacks with supplies for school aged children. All you need to do to receive a backpack is come to the Festival. Your child must be present to receive a backpack. 

This sounds awesome- what can I do to help?

It's going to be a GREAT week in Newark!! Help us spread the word and tell all your friends and family to get to Lincoln Park at 6pm every night next week!!!