Festival of Life is a community event for families. Appealing to all ages, we bring music, games, and a message of hope to your city. All that is required is sufficient space and an invitation to come. Festival of Life takes care of the rest. From set design and lighting, to building successful community relationships, our staff handles it all. We are a completely self contained, self funded operation. From set up to tear down every detail is taken care of by Festival of Life staff members.

After Festival of life has been invited into your community, we meet with local leaders and churches to determine the areas of greatest need. Once the needs are identified, we develop a plan to positively impactthe community. For example, in Nicetown Philadelphia we distributed over 2,000 family grocery boxes and assisted with rent and bill payment. We also gave away bikes and scooters for neighborhood children nightly.

Festival of Life seeks to positively impact your community. Permanently. Along with meeting physical needs, It is our belief that the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change hearts and set those in bondage free. Whether individuals are struggling financially, with alcohol and drug addiction or the community is crime-stricken and families are broken, introducing a relationship with Christ changes people. It changes families. When people and families prosper, so do communities. Each evening Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth will bring a powerful message of hope to those in attendance at Festival of Life. Jonathan has been preaching The Gospel full-time since 2002. From India and Congo, to Hawaii and the streets of Philadelphia, Jonathan has seen tens of thousands receive Jesus Christ as their Savior with many wonderful miracles reported.


Pictured above: Jonathan Shuttlesworth and former Mayor Ruben Bermudez

Pictured above:

Jonathan Shuttlesworth and former Mayor Ruben Bermudez

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